Organic Hot Cacao Mix


100% Cacao Bean – 6 oz bags.
-Just the bean, no sugar, dairy, wax, soy lecithin… no mystery


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Sipping Chocolate – 100% Cacao Bean
-Whole cacao bean melting powder drink mix.

These beans have been slowly stone ground to preserve flavor & nutrition. By nature, they are gluten free and vegan. They contain one of the highest concentrations of magnesium & antioxidants of any other food on the planet (plus iron, fiber, calcium… ). They were then aged in non-tempered form so we could get the chocolate to blend into an easy to use powder.

Hot Cacao:
Whisk 2 tbs chocolate powder per
12 oz hot milk & 1 tbl sugar until smooth & creamy. You may use any liquid &/or sweetener of your choice.
* This is real stone ground chocolate,
that will melt if left in the sun or heat.

Vegan & Gluten – Free

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