Rare and exceptional cacao beans. Locally handcrafted in Arizona. Responsibly and fair-trade sourced direct from organic farmers.

From cacao bean to bar, we clean, roast, winnow , mill, conch , temper, and mold our organic chocolates in a small facility using traditional Mayan methods.

Best Beans

We carefully select our cacao, directly from ethical farmers (conflict-free), that only use certified organic methods of farming. The beans go through a meticulous inspection and tasting before they are chosen.

luscious Chocolate

No mystery ingredients here – cacao & cane sugar are the base of our organic chocolate. We minimally process the cacao, preserving its natural flavors and nutrients.

Tempting Candies

Certified organic ingredients take our creations to the next level. Fruits, nuts, caramels, & creams – Shop now to try all of our delicious organic chocolate candies!

custom design

We’ll turn your idea into a delicious treat with our natural, farm-to-table ingredients wrapped up in eco-friendly packaging.

Birthday present? Company logo? Special occasion? Let’s make it one of a kind!

“This is by far the BEST chocolate that I have tried by an amazing chocolatier. I have tried so many alternative chocolates since finding out about my allergies & DNA Chocolate reigns supreme!! The taste & texture is absolutely superb!!”

–Debey Beltramea 



“Step aside big box chocolates! I’ve never had such amazing raw chocolate. Ever. When the chocolatier explained how she makes her bars I knew this was the real deal!”

– Karen Hinkle 



“This chocolate is simply delicious! I’m usually a fan of strictly dark chocolate, but even the white chocolate became a fast favorite for me!”

– Sarah Elizabeth Guynn