Our Process

OUR Process

from farm to the delicious treat

the basics

We make our chocolate from 2 basic certified organic ingredients:

cacao + cane sugar.

Our process from bean to bar takes about 1-3 weeks per batch.
We use original methods of Mayan cultures combined with convenience of modern custom crafted equipment.

Step 1

We source our cacao from a small farm in Belize. Here is a peek at Lucino Show and his son on their family farm.

Step 2

After slowly roasting cacao beans at a low temperature, they are cracked using our custom-built “winnower”.

Step 3

The nibs are milled or pressed to separate the cacao butter from Cacao powder.

Step 4

Adding the milled cacao beans along with the freshly pressed cacao butter and cane sugar (for some of our batches), to the stone grinder. This is where the magic happens!!! But it takes time… about 48–72 hours.

When the chocolate comes out of a stone grinders they go into block form and are stored at room temperature for 2 weeks to complete the flavor developing process.

Step 5

Aging is finished! Time for chocolate to be melted down and tempered. Tempering the chocolate is by far the most difficult stage in the process.

Tempering means improving the consistency, durability or hardness of a substance by heating and cooling it. Tempered chocolate is very glossy, has a firm finish and melts smoothly at around body temperature.

Step 6

Mold the chocolate in our custom-made molds. And, finally, we box up these creations in our eco-friendly “original works of art”, a masterpiece we are proud to say is in our family. Meet the creator of DNA Chocolate original packaging – Ross B Schimd, our graphic artist.

It’s here for you to enjoy!