DNA Chocolate


Passionate about pure and decadent chocolate, we only use certified organic, fair-trade and conflict-free ingredients directly sourced from farmers.

DNA Chocolate

Rooted in traditional Mayan chocolate-making techniques, DNA Chocolate takes a meticulous approach to creating the best chocolates. From cleaning and roasting to grinding and tempering, the process can take more than a month to bring out the natural flavors of the Criollo cacao bean.

Denae Hostetler

Denae’s passion for chocolate is found in her roots. As a young girl, Denae would help her mother make candies where she worked in a fudge shop. While in her 20s, Denae’s travels took her through Mexico and Central America. She hiked mountains in small Mayan villages where she commenced with the locals. Through her travels she also stayed with a family in Oaxaca. Every morning, she would wake up to the smells of chocolate as the people ground cacao beans and brewed cacao drinks. These experiences emboldened Denae to try her own hand at chocolate making.
photo by Anne Rochelle Imagery